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One Penny $0.01 Per Hour Can Make A Difference

Help Raise Funds for Easterseals Colorado, Food Bank of The Rockies And Your Favorite Charity!

The Team of Professionals at Egg Fundraising, LLC dba Corporate Donation Solutions have a Proven Financial Business Plan to Manage Your Community Giving Responsibility for Less Money while helping many more People in Need.

Your Company will no longer have to deal directly with Donations and Sponsorships.

Corporate Donation Solutions will deal directly on your behalf with all Individuals, Local and Regional Food Banks, Kids & Adults with Disabilities, Youth Groups and Sport Teams, Elderly Groups, Homeless Nonprofit Groups, Environmental Groups, Schools, Churches and Charities Requesting Donations or Sponsorships.

This UNIQUE one-of-a-kind COMMUNITY GIVING PLAN will also feature your COMPANIES PHILANTHROPY in National, Regional and Local Press Releases, on Websites and in Print.

Your Company will be on The Cutting Edge Of Community Giving.

 Our business model is setup to source Hickman’s Farm  Fresh Eggs,  purchase and deliver the product to food  banks in the USA to help YOUR  NEIGHBORS facing  hunger and those FAMILIES with disabilities. Over  500,000 people in Colorado and Wyoming are being  helped by Food Bank  of The Rockies each week.

 With our UNIQUE one of a kind program for every  $25,000 of this  product (EGGS) you purchase and  donate to Easterseals  or a food bank  you will now  have an additional $5,000 (20%) available to be given in  your name to one or more individuals, organizations,  non-profits, youth  sports teams, church OR those with  disabilities that could use the  donations.

Corporate Donation Solutions parent company Egg Fundraising LLC has teamed with Easterseals Colorado to raise thousands of dollars and help Food Bank of The Rockies receive thousands of dozens of eggs with our UNIQUE one of a kind program while a businesses can take advantage of the non-profit 501 (c) (3).

Our team of professionals from the food industry, non-profit, banking, manufacturing, logistics and consulting business have the knowledge and experience to put your company in the NATIONAL NEWS AS ONE OF THE COMPANIES ON THE CUTTING EDGE IN COMMUNITY GIVING.

 The Corporate Donation Solutions Team can if you desire, handle all  requests from individuals and organizations that ask for a donation  from your company and this service is at no additional cost while  working with us on this business model.

 Our TEAM will respond within 15 days TO ANYONE REQUESTING A  DONATION FROM YOUR COMPANY, not the 30, 60 and 90 days that many  companies are doing now concerning donations.

We will do all of the paperwork, but you will have always have the final decision on who will receive donations. We will also handle all details for your company community giving day including appetizers for everyone attending the event.

In 30 minutes our team will show you how our program works and why it is a FINANCIAL BENEFIT TO YOUR COMPANY AND A FINANCIAL BENEFIT TO YOUR COMMUNITY for your company to team with Corporate Donation Solutions for all of your Community Giving.

Whats Needed?

 Food Bank of The Rockies needs 500,000 eggs  a week just to give one person one egg per  week!

What Can I Do?

 No Donation is Too Small. You’re  Contribution  of $25,000 will give 6,000  families facing  hunger and those with  disabilities Hickman’s  Farm Fresh Eggs for a  week.

 What is In It For Me?

 Company Recognition in National Press  Releases, Websites and Print. You will also  have an additional $5,000.00 available that  will be donated in your name to as many  organizations, non-profits, individuals, teams  or to anyone you feel deserves a donation.

  • 500,000 Eggs Needed Which Equals to 41,667 Dozen Per Week 100%
  • 7 Companies Per Week To Purchase 1,000 Small Cases (6,000 Dozen) 100%
  •  364 Companies To Purchase 1000 Small Cases Per Year 100%
  • 3,640 Companies To Purchase 100 Small Cases Per Year 100%
  • 36,400 Companies To Purchase 10 small Cases Per Year 100%
  • 364,000 People To Buy And Donate One Case Per Year 100%

Get Your Company The Recognition it Deserves While Helping Those in Need. Your Company will be noted in National, Regional and Local Press Releases, Websites and Print Showing your Support. Your Company will be the EXAMPLE for others to follow.