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Corporate Donation Solutions will:

* BE DEDICATED to developing and implementing throughout the year a strategic plan for Community Giving for your company or organization

* Work with employees and clients to create authentic connection to the company Community Giving Plan

* Provide planning and support for all corporate community giving events, emails, collateral, and meetings

* Develop matching fund program

* Increase fundraising outside employee base

* Provide outreach plan for Community Giving Program

* Design, plan, manage and implement an Annual Fundraising Gala for your company or organization to expand your Community Giving reach if you desire

Responsibilities of The Corporate Donation Solution Team:

* Furnish email address for your company or organization to direct all those soliciting donations, sponsorships or grants

* Develop strategic outreach plan specific to increasing Community Giving Responsibility awareness for employees and clients

* Make presentations during manager’s meetings

* Represent your company or organization at community events

* Lead local outreach events and fundraisers

* Solicit input and propose to Board of Directors, Owners and Managers for one year, three year and five year Community Giving Plan and Fundraising Goals.

* Develop and implement annual fundraising plan to meet fundraising goal to include most impactful way to reach each employee level

* Run your holiday campaign and develop news ways to reach more people and tell the Community Giving Mission Dream of your company or organization

* Lead your company team or organization to set Community Giving Goals

* Track all donations and report monthly

* Install method for tracking and reporting on company’s in-kind contribution

* Inspire employee communication, community outreach and being involved in the fundraising event experience

Our corporate team shares both a passion for the outdoors and a drive to re-imagine the Community Giving Experience