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Why US and Why We Can Make Your Community Proud of Your Company.


Our team of professionals from the food industry, non-profit, banking, manufacturing, logistics and consulting business have the knowledge and experience to put your Company in the National News as one of the Companies on the cutting edge in Community Giving.

How Can Our Proven Plan Work?

The founders of our company understand Company Fund Raising and Community  Giving Responsibility, with more than 30 years’ experience. They have personally  raised over 4 million in sponsorships for non-profits. By sitting on nonprofit boards,  working for major corporations and being business owners they understand how to  expand a company’s brand and market presence by connecting them to non-profits  and community giving programs, making a positive difference for everyone.

The management team are experts in the procurement, the sale, and the promotion  of beef, pork, chicken, baked pastry products, fresh produce and eggs. These are all  items needed by food banks to feed your hungry neighbors and those with  disabilities. It is the key to how the Corporate Donation Solutions program works.

Companies that produce and or sell food need new markets and need to market  their brand to stay in business and are willing to invest to make that happen.  Corporate Donation Solutions works with these companies to give them brand  presence and increase the demand for their product by promoting them at events  and the nonprofit community all over the country.

The management team has worked in the banking industry for over 30 years and  understand that all companies need to have both a short term and long term  business plan that banks understand to get the financial backing needed to get the  maximum ROI. Their extensive experience includes writing many RFP’s including 3  National Park RFP’s that were all won for the client (90 million for one of the  National Park RFP’s). Their close business contacts and business relationships were  critical in leasing the floor space at many national grocery chains to install the first  floor advertising in the USA.

Their experience in putting on major events are second to none. They personally  designed and produced the FBR Phoenix Open Golf/International Equine event  during the FBR Phoenix Open Golf Tournament in 2008. They negotiated to rent the  largest corporate tent on the 18th green with Toyota. Millions of viewers from all  over the world were able to see the Arabian Horse Association Logo and their  Sponsors in the tent on the 18th green all 4 days of the tournament.

Corporate Donation Solutions will handle all details of your Community Giving Day  including Press Releases. They will show you how having your company purchase  and donate Hickman’s Farm Fresh Eggs to Easterseals and Food Banks will also give  you an additional 20% bonus to donate to other youth teams, individuals,  nonprofits or organizations in your name.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with Individuals, Non Profits, Schools, Teams, Small Businesses and Corporations.

What Companies and Organizations do you work with?

A few of the organizations our Parent Company works with are schools, PTA’s, Teams, Easterseals Colorado, Food Bank of The Rockies and EKS&H Audit/Tax/Consulting.

Will my donation be tax deductible?

Please check with your CPA on all tax deductible items. Corporate Donation Solutions try’s to work with many of the 501 (c) (3) organizations to help get your full deduction.